Client Comments about our Senior Care Services

  • "Even though my mother could no longer drive, she didn't want to be housebond. Senior Concierge took her grocery shopping, prepared meals for her, took her to the hair salon and for walks outside and in malls, and kept her company by playing games with her in her home. She got more out of life having them in it."

  • "I am over 90 and no longer drive but Senior Concierge is keeping me young by taking me to get my hair and nails done, to the doctors' offices for my appointments, picking up prescriptions for me, and now coming into my home to prepare my dinner and keep me company. They're like family now."

  • "When my elderly mother had to go to the hospital everyday for 30 days for radiation treatment, Senior Concierge was a godsend because my wife and I work and her appointments were in the day. They drove her to the hospital, stayed while she had her treatments, and then took her safely home."

  • "Unfortunately, I lost my driver's license, but still had to get to and from my job. Senior Concierge picked me up, rain or shine, early in the morning, took me to work, and then drove me home after. They're not just for the elderly."

  • "I had to have minor surgery and was not allowed to drive myself home afterwards and there was no one available at the time of the appointment to take me home. Senior Concierge performed a valuable service to me by bringing me to the clinic, waiting for me, talking with the doctor and then driving me home. They made sure I remembered all that the doctor told me about my post-op care."

  • "My husband had Parkinson's and while he was fine alone for short periods, he needed to be kept company for longer periods of time if I was gone. Senior Concierge provided him with good company and I felt better knowing they were there if he needed them."

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