Senior Care Services   -  If you need something different, just ask us.

We provide affordable services for seniors, including:

  • Being family eyes and ears when they are not there, through written reports
  • Accompany to stores for shopping, grocery meals, movies, events, etc.
  • Accompany to doctor, manicure, or salon
  • Being a Personal-Care Advocate, being there for your senior and you
  • Pick up prescriptions and monitor medication
  • Accompany to church or synagogue services
  • Offer friendship and companionship on a steady basis
  • Help with home organization
  • Recommend or oversee home maintenance needs
  • Help organize home repairs, including being there to help negotiate.
  • Assist with finances, computers, online banking, bill paying/tracking
  • Assist in making travel arrangements
  • Drive to airport, including escorting to the departure gate or final destination
  • Plant outdoor flowers, etc.


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Senior Care Services  -  If you need something different, just ask us.

Providing services in Oakland and Western Macomb County, Michigan
NOT a Senior, but still want us to assist you?  The answer is "YES" to all of the above items and more.    To see more information about how we can help in many more ways, click on this link to our other website:       Your